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About Us The Kallitsis General Partnership operates and deals with projects of Civil Engineering as well as Scientific Research studying and Applications.

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  • News New Type Extension Cord

    Our company patented new type of extension cord, based on ...

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  • News Participation in exhibition "Packaging 2014"

    Our company participated in the "Packaging 2014" exibition,made at M.E.C.

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  • News Full-service truck for calibrations tank

    Our company has acquired full-service truck for calibrations tank.Its equipped with the most modern measuring instrument is necessary for the process of calibration, in accordance with our method .Also has all the necessary procedures and devices,...

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  • News Certification against ISO 9001:2008 by Lloyds in the calibration tank.

    Our company is pleased to make known, that now has certification against the standard ISO 9001:2008, a prerequisite under the law for calibrating tanks (input-output system at gas stations).


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  • News Certification in Tank Calibration Method

    Our company was rececntly certified from the Greek Institute of Metrology, for its own and only method of tanker calibration(measure uncertainty < 0.5% settled by the pattern 17025), for example liquid fuels, liquid...

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The Volume Measuring Device


The basic principle of its function is based on gas laws as well as other individual other physics laws. For this reason the device is equipped with calibrated pressure and temperature sensors, chronometers, electronic circuits, processors, screen and other electromechanical components. All the above parts of the device, input information which are transmitted into the processor, where through an appropriate software calculates each of any volume displayed on the indication monitor. The device can calculate body volume as well as space volume.

measuring body volume

When measuring bodies, the device can provide its own chamber where the bodies are put inside and a door is closed (the size of the chamber depends on the size of the bodies to be measured). The whole procedure is done without the body remuage or any radiation which could probably harm the volume measured material. pushing the start button of the device, the measuring of the volume starts and taking a very little time, the procedure is completed and the required volume is displayed on the monitor .

measuring spaces volume

In case of volume measuring of spaces, tankers etc, the device is connected to the space to be measured (eg a room) and the rest of the procedure is the same, meaning after the “start” button of the device and the volume measurement is completed in a very little time and finally the required volume is displayed on the screen.

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Patents International Patent Application Certificate of metrological performance (PDF file)


International Patent Application

Certificate of metrological performance

measuring ad hoc services

Services Our company has the ability to measure volume at our own premises as well as yours. Moreover, the volume measuring device, adapted to anyone specific needs, can be available for sale.

The company undertakes fully any maintenance and repair of the device by specialized staff, for a guaranteed functioning.

how can it be used?

The uses are literally limitless! Indicative and non exclusively, the patent may have applications in Quality control, Agriculture,Metal Industry, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Medical Labs, Transportation, Engineering, Research, Education, etc:

  • Companies of Quality Control - Food Companies
  • Agronomical Labs - Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Pharmaceutical companies – Chemical Companies
  • Shipbuilding – Shipping and Transportation Companies
  • Medical – Veterinary – Microbiological Labs
  • Public Organizations – Technical and Commerce Chambers
  • General Industry – Car Industry
  • Metallurgical Engineering Companies – Cement Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Labs (volume measuring of human body)
  • Airlines – Logistics Companies
  • Geotechnical Labs –Searching oil – Gas Companies
  • Jewellery shops –valuable stones – Mines
  • Universities –Technical Schools
  • Metrological Labs
  • Material Resistance Labs
  • Professional studies of heating and cooling system

For more information regarding the function of the device please contact us.

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